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GRABOR s.r.l. main working field is industrial digital electronic devices development and production, specialized on different kinds of application. 

We produce a line of devices dedicated to thermochemical digital process control for industrial applications: control of  thermical  machines and  chemical reactors in chemical , textile , farmaceutical, food industry production ( see linked  document “Gpmc technical data”).

We can also support you on:

  1. Electronic and information technology cosulting due to solve special needs and find proper strategic solutions together with client team.
  2. Electronic systems design and development for those clients that want to develop and/or produce new digital electronic devices, taylored and optimized on their proper needs ( see linked document “Digital_ Design” ).
  3. Design and Execution of Information technology systems and applications such as: remote monitoring and control, data collection, remote fault support , production data analisis, production managing and programming , etc. .

For any further information you can send a message to  info@grabor.it , our customer office will be glad to solve your questions.


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How to contact us:

Grabor srl

via Francesco Guerrazzi n.21 , 20052 Monza (MI) - Italia

P.I. 02918730967  

Tel. +39 039 2103631 Fax. +39 039 2148613

web: www.grabor.it          email : info@grabor.it  




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